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Smile Makeover

Don’t like your smile? Maybe there are some spaces, a couple of teeth partially rotated, too dark, missing a tooth, teeth too long or too short? A Cosmetic / Orthodontic Smile Makeover may be for you. By doing BOTH cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics in our office we combine the best features of both techniques to your benefit. We use space-age nitanium wires to move the teeth into position and hidden bonded retainers to hold them in place.

Call us to set up an Exam and Records Appointment. We will make models of your mouth and take necessary radiographs. Then the doctor will take high-resolution photographs and sit down with you to listen to what you want modified. We’ll then reappoint you in 2-4 weeks for a no-charge consultation with the doctor. During that period, the doctor will carefully analyze your case and design a custom treatment plan that will allow you to get the “Hollywood” smile that you always wanted!